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Hello Deeptor Members,

We have seen that many scammers and spammers are disturbing this forum . We banned them and they makes new forum ids again and again and then they spam on forum and also they scam to many registered deeptor members . So we finally find out a method , our spam protection system will hide every contact information e.g icq , yahoo , jabbar , skype etc and no one registered user can share there contact info in public forum threads . If they want to share there contact info (If they are seller ) then they have to get verified seller rank or (If they are buyer ) then they have to get vip darknet membership . So if a person paid for special membership and he screwed any member then he will be permanently banned from forum and he will lose his paid subscription .

Vip Membership Price :- $100 Two Month ( $200 for Life time)

If you want to get verified or vip rank then please comment on this thread and we will send you our payment information .

Thanks and Regards,

Deeptor administration .